20 Bucks and 11 Minutes - Will Change Your Life

By Dr. Jay Polmar

I am sure you know how to read, after all you are reading this article. But just how long will it take you to read this short article. 2 minutes, 5 minutes, longer. Twenty bucks, and 11 minutes of your time will change your life in ways you never imagined, just by reading. You read this right. In just 11 minutes, you will hear about Dr. Polmar's story, and learn 3 secrets to improving your life through .... Reading.

Wise people already know what I am talking about - learning how to use your brain properly so that what you read becomes usable data, and knowledge to help you create greater success in life.

So -- the more you read of a similar subject, the faster you read that subject. The faster you read the subject that you are familiar with, the more that it becomes a part of your long-term memory. That's why when you first study basic primary school math, and you follow it and study smart, and go all the way through college - math is a thing that you become accustomed to. If you've studied really smart, it's really easy, and you can do some of it in your head without calculator or paper and pen.

With reading, it's similar, yet different. Imagine it this way - our simple method will teach you in 11 minutes how to read all kinds of materials more rapidly with greater comprehension than before, and get what you need out of it. Of course, it a beginners course, but in 11 minutes your increased your reading speed say 60-80% and as you use the techniques over the next few days the speed increase, and so does your understanding and comprehension.

Once you've spent $20 and studied for 11 minutes you will accomplish a great deal. But, what if you learned also, how to read a book for best understanding and comprehension for test-taking or pleasure, and what if you also learn to write a paper for school, or grad school - without stress in 10 days or less, would that make your life easier.

In 11 minutes flat, you will improve the quality of your life for 20 bucks, you really can't lose. Remember also, the more you read, the better you read, the more you remember - that's how the brain works. So work your brain. - 31903

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How Speed Reading Works

By Dr. Jay Polmar


Various hand movements can cause acceleration of reading speed. We are about to introduce you to several hand movements that will accelerate your reading ability. Try each one and see which suits you best.

It's simple. Just replace all your bad reading habits with one easily learned one: You'll use your pacing hand. It breaks each of these habits automatically while it increases your reading speed.

The basic pacing movement uses your index finger of your dominant hand, i.e. right handed use right hand, to scan a line by running your finger under the type you are reading. Always turn the page with the unused, non-dominant hand. Don't move your head, keep it still.

The method is easy. You'll replace all your bad habits with one easily learned one: You'll use your pacing hand. Here's how to break each of these habits automatically while increasing your reading speed.

We did experiments in Hawaii, New Mexico, Florida, and elsewhere. It appears that those with the slowest speaking rates have naturally slow reading rates. With this method, your speaking rate will no longer restrict your reading speed. You will read as fast as you can think. Yes, you can read as fast as your mind can work.

To understand this concept, you must understand that your nemesis "The Babbler" is reading to you in silent speech and then it goes into your brain. We did experiments in Hawaii, New Mexico, Florida, and elsewhere. It appears that those with the slowest speaking rates have naturally slow reading rates. With this method, your speaking rate will no longer limit your reading speed. You can read as fast as you can think. What I am saying is you can read as fast as your mind can work.

Extend your index finger, close all others. Use you index finger as a beginner Speed reading student and run it under the line of type you are reading..

Extend your index finger, close all others. As you notice I've indicated a hand holding a pencil earlier to use for pacing. That can come later. Use you index finger as a beginner Speed reading student.

You'll be reading twice as fast as you ever have. You'll retain valuable information and increase your comprehension and improve your grades.

Dr. Jay Polmar is the founder of www.speedread.org, and has developed speed reading courses for people worldwide and has taught over 100,000 students throughout the world. - 31903

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Making Learning a Game

By Edie Mindell

Being a parent is the greatest journey one could ever take in her life. There are certain facts in life that we need to know when it comes to parenting: Parenting is a tough job; everyday is a learning process for both the parents and their children; and children usually have short attention spans.

Knowing these facts in life, as a parent, you need to be in full control of your children and to think of ideas on how to work your way to their world. Here are some of these effective ideas:

1. Teaching through games

Because children have short attention spans, they are likely to be bored every now and then especially with boring tasks. As a parent, you want your children to learn fast, and the way to get their attention to focus is to incorporate games when teaching and reviewing their lessons, so they won't get bored easily. Teaching through games helps the child to not only understands and comprehends his lessons, but to enjoy while learning.

2. Patience is the best virtue

When disciplining your baby, since he has yet to understand what is right from wrong, or what's proper and what's not acceptable, patience always works wonders. Every parent must learn how to practice patience when dealing with children, and not to mix anger with discipline.

3. Setting the mood

When you need to give your child a new routine from what he has been accustomed to, you need to set the right mood for him to easily adjust to new settings. For example, if your baby used to stay awake until way past midnight, and you think you need to change that sleeping routine. Say, you want him to sleep at 8 pm, you need to prepare him to sleep by 6 pm or after he finishes his dinner. By 7 pm, you need to turn off all the lights and set a dark atmosphere to make him feel sleepy. It would surely work on your baby!!!!!

4. Consistency is the key

Most of the times, moms are so easy to convince because they can't stand being angry with their children for a period of time. And because of this, children are so used to work their way convincing their moms to say yes every time they need it. You should correct this false belief of your children. Be strict and consistent when the situation calls for it. When you say no, always mean it and never be easily persuaded by your children. If your child has done something wrong, punish him in a proper way. Be firm when giving him a choice: either he does the right thing or he has to endure your punishment.

5. Surprise them!!!!

Experts say that rewards, when unexpected, work better than bribing. Kids are more delighted when surprised and they appreciate the gesture more. They have their moments, but they learn form their mistakes. Also make sure that you are enforcing these rules because you love them. Kids will appreciate it more. - 31903

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How To Get Ready for Speed Reading

By Dr. Jay Polmar

You already own the greatest reading acceleration device that has ever been developed. It is simply your hand that will help you read faster. People have spent thousands of dollars attempting to increase their reading speed. But no inventions or machines can do what your hand and your pacing finger can do for you to improve your reading speed -- once youve been trained in our 4 special techniques.

What do your eyes do while you are "trying" to read? If you're like most people, your eyes are jerking around, looking, searching, and bouncing here and there. Then they will fixate for a second or two and maybe move on again causing your brain to wonder what you're doing. Sound familiar? Untrained readers go through this often.

We call this "trying" to read. By learning the speed-pacing movement that Ill personally teach you, you'll learn to control and accelerate your hand-to-eye coordination. This is called PACING. It is one of the 4 techniques taught in Speed Reading in Only One Hour.

Aim for the best results for the type of reading material you read, but creating the best person environments: arrange your study area: textbooks, research material, and even a hi-lighter. Remove or unplug: magazines, unless study material, stereo, radio- just turn them off. If you wise, you'll have an ipod with studio music without works, nature sounds or the like. Pachelbel Canon in D minor is one of the best. Get privacy, no brothers, sisters, friends, etc. And also remove you mate, spouse, lovers - they can easily distract you. Food can break your focus and reading patterns. Alcohol and drugs - don't even go there, being stoned and studying is a sure fire failure. Cigarettes fog your thinking. Nicotine is a drug. Marijuana, cocaine, speed - don't got there because your foggy brain is useless during an exam. Set your voice mail. Set the mood with relaxing baroque music, get your reading and studying materials together - and get ready for a study experience.

By organizing your study area, you've set the stage for a successful experience of study and learning. Using the tools that we'll provide you, you'll enjoy that you've found a great learning method to increase reading speed, comprehension, memory and recall. - 31903

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How the Internet Can Help College Students Find Jobs

By Art Homer

College students go online looking for money making ideas every day. Some of them are looking for fast cash and others are looking for ways to supplement their income. With the economy in ruin and jobs so hard to find, more students than ever need to find ways to generate extra income and online is one of the places they are looking for that information.

Unfortunately, there is no one good source for this information and this leads a lot of people down the wrong path. There is a great amount of incorrect material or misleading information online and learning how to sift through it all to get to the truth is a challenge. Anyone who is totally new to the game of looking for ways to make money can end up being easily fooled.

The best things you can do to make money online are often things you can do for free. When you start out on the Internet, you will find that everybody wants to sell you the perfect system for making money. Of course, when you think about that, if they knew how to make money why would they be selling their system? The fact is that many money making systems online involve turning around and selling something else to beginners. It is an endless cycle of beginners and scammers selling to other beginners. Unfortunately, this will probably never change as the Internet is the place of dreams and for the uninitiated, it all sound like it might be real.

If you are a college student who is interesting in earning supplemental income online, there are many ebooks available at various prices. Unfortunately, you will probably be even more confused after reading them. This is the reason vast amounts of people try to use the Internet to make extra income, but usually fail. Because there is such a vast amount of information available online, they often become confused and overwhelmed immediately.

Any college student who is creative can likely determine ways to be successful at supplementing their income online. You can sell individual services in various ways online. Students can earn extra cash by copy writing, writing articles and performing other jobs they are contracted to do. Finding individuals who need services performed and matching them with people who can perform those services would be impossible without the use of the Internet. The Internet has been useful in finding many jobs for college students and these are only a few of the ways the Internet can be advantageous. - 31903

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Learning Management System: Effects on Global Education

By Kyle Verano

Global education can benefit greatly with the help of Learning Management Systems. These benefits are not confined only to those who learn but also each and everyone who is related to it. Important activities of the education system ranging from administration of courses to reporting can be made simple with an LMS.

Competency Management, a part of LMS helps you discover skill gaps amongst your workforce and fix them in order to achieve the organization's goals easily and quickly. This would certainly be of great help for your organization.

E-learning can only go hand in hand with traditional teaching methods and can't function alone. One can easily manage ILT and e-learning when an LMS with a centralized tracking system is used. This saves a lot of time and enhances the effectiveness of training.

Customizing an LMS is certainly not a difficult task. One can also create customized reports that contain student details and performance records with the help of this effective tool. All this can be done in a fraction of a second.

The reason for the rising popularity of learning management systems is their user-friendliness and high rate of success. This can be seen evidently through the fact that processes such as batch planning, event notification and trainee enrolments are done automatically.

The skills of employees can definitely be improved using learning management systems. 24x7, multilingual technical support is provided by all LMS makers. Apart from this, course administrators can form collaborative learning communities that help trainees greatly. Geographical distance is not a matter of concern now.

It is not possible to conduct sessions at intervals in the fast paced business trend that is prevailing today. As an integrated learning management system encompasses all the features and lessons required for training it can save more time and at the same time promise quality education.

We can understand the fact that learning management systems are really valuable tools in enhancing the standard of education throughout the world. The modelling of an LMS aids advanced search functionality and easy integration with systems such as ERP, HR and CRM systems.

Data security also is given very high importance by LMS makers hence you can be hundred per cent sure that data loss or unauthorized data manipulation will never occur. - 31903

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Understanding Business Language Courses

By Frances Pallett

For businesses involved in international trade or employing migrant workers, the ability to communicate effectively is vital and language courses can have a big impact on operations.

Many businesses overlook the importance of language skills when trading in overseas markets but without an understanding of the local language and culture you are instantly disadvantaged when trying to make that new sale, especially if your competitors have invested in language courses for their employees and can happily market their products and services in the language of their customer.

Before embarking upon language training you will need to determine why you need these skills, whether it is for face-to-face contact such as meetings or just responding to foreign language emails and which employees would benefit from such skills. This will enable you to decide which members of staff should participate in language courses and what kind of course it needs to be.

It is also important to consider the different types of language courses on offer. One-to-one learning training is best if an individual needs to make rapid progress but group training is more cost effective. Distance or open learning, where learners work from CDs, books and online content in their own time, is also an option but one that requires motivation and self discipline.

Timing and logistics are crucial to the success of language courses. Employees may be more willing to give up their time to learn a language if lessons can be arranged during their lunch hour rather than at the end of the working day, so language trainers could be booked to deliver sessions at the company premises - causing minimum disruption to the working day.

To get the most out of language courses learners need to be set targets but when doing this you should be realistic - it is impossible to become fully competent in a language in a short space of time so set smaller, achievable targets to motivate your employees and persuade them to continue with their language learning.

Finally, to complement their language courses, learners should be encouraged to put their skills into practice. Language learning improves with regular immersion so tuning in to the radio, reading a newspaper or just taking every opportunity to use the language will help the learning process. After all, practice makes perfect! - 31903

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